Twitter Blue subscription now available on Android as well

Twitter Blue is finally available for purchase via the Android app, just days after the social media announced a new payment plan for an annual subscription. The price of the magical blue checkmark is $11 per month, just like iOS, which is over 35% more than what it costs on web.

Twitter does not quote the reason for the massive price difference, but it’s obvious that the company wants to offload the Play Store fees for in-app purchases on the users rather than paying them itself.

Twitter Blue users receive priority ranking in replies, the ability to edit tweets, and a 60-minute cap to video uploads (web-only). There are also custom app icons, easier navigation of bookmarked tweets, aligned in folders, and the app can have a different theme.

Features that are mobile-only are the customization of the navigation bar, as well as the Reader feature that simplifies long threads for a better reading experience.

Twitter Blue is currently available in Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


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