Twitter Blue is now available as annual subscription too

After the mess that was the revamped Twitter Blue subscription service with a slew of fake accounts impersonating celebrities and corporations worldwide causing chaos, the service was relaunched in December. Now, the platform is offering an annual subscription in addition to the monthly one.

The monthly subscription in the US, for example, costs $8 per month or $11 if you are an iOS user, while an annual payment of $84 will grant you with a blue badge for a year. That makes about $7 per month, which isn’t that big of a discount, but it’s still something if are a „hardcore“ user and plan on paying it anyway.

For those unaware, Twitter Blue gives you not only a blue verification badge, but also priority ranking in conversation replies, a 60-minute video upload cap, a thread reader and the ability to edit tweets.

As of now, the service is available only in select countries – the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. A broader rollout is expected in the coming months.


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